About the Portlet Bridge

The Portlet Bridge is an implementation of the JSR-301 and JSR-329 specifications to support JSF within a portlet with additional enhancements to support other web frameworks.

Which Portlet Bridge Version Should I Use?

This project covers 2 specifications. The 1.0 branch covers JSR-301 and 2.0 branch covers JSR-329. These specifications support JSF 1.0 and 1.2 respectively.

The 3.0 branch supports JSF 2 in a portlet.

Current development is focused on the 3.x series, which brings JSF 2 support to Portlet Bridge. There is no specification underway for JSF 2, but work on this project will be part of driving the content of that specification when it commences.

At this time the Portlet Bridge is only supported to run on GateIn.